How to Save More Money on Car Insurance for Your Renault Since most Renault models are modest cars to say the least, if you drive one you&...

How to Save More Money on Car Insurance for Your Renault

How to Save More Money on Car Insurance for Your Renault

Since most Renault models are modest cars to say the least, if you drive one you're probably not interested in paying steep insurance fees. The good news is that you can get insurance for your Renault on a relatively low budget, but know that you may have to do some work to earn the best savings. Rather than just the sticking with the same insurer you have always used, or signing up for a company in the first advert you see, Do your research. Taking the time now to evaluate the ways you can save money on car insurance for your Renault may pay off big later.

Take Advantage of Free Insurance Offers

From time to time Renault offers free insurance for a full year on certain models that are purchased new. For example, in 2013 the car manufacturer offered free insurance for a year on all newly purchased Twingo Renaults and certain models of the Clio. You must be between 21 and 70 to take advantage of these insurance offers, and a minimum of three years without claims may be required. Bear in mind that the three years without claims must be immediately preceding the time when you make your purchase. Getting free insurance on your new car not only saves you money for the first year, but it also gives you plenty of time to find a reasonable insurance rate in the future.

Build a No Claims Bonus

If you don't file a claim for at least a full year with your insurer, you should ask about a no claims bonus. This bonus will be applied to your bill as a discount on your premium. As long as you don't file a claim, you might save at least 50 percent on your bill. Bear in mind that if you file a claim you will lose the bonus and your premiums may increase. Still, as long as you are not filing any claims this bonus is an easy and significant way to save money on your Renault insurance. You may also be able to pay a nominal amount per year to protect the bonus, so you won't lose it as long as you file no more than two claims in three years.

Lock Up Your Car

If your car is considered more secure when you're not driving it, your insurance company is likely to give you a discount on your policy. When your Renault is not in use, specifically overnight, store it in a locked garage whenever possible. Parking on the street makes your car more vulnerable to theft, and it can also be hit by a car or even a rogue stone or falling tree branch. You can receive a discount for securing your car overnight -- just be sure to notify your insurance company so you can get the appropriate discount.

Install a Tracking Device

In addition to securing your car overnight, it's important to secure the car itself. Get a tracking device installed to your Renault, and you could be rewarded financially by your insurance company. A tracking device aids the police when your car is stolen, making it far less likely that you will have to file a total loss claim with your insurance company. This saves your insurer a lot of money, so the company is likely to reward you for having a tracking device in your Renault. To get the maximum discount available, consult with your insurance company prior to installing the device so you know which devices are recommended.

You can save money on car insurance for your Renault a number of ways. Perhaps most importantly, do a lot of research before you sign up for any insurance policy. By making yourself a savvy consumer, you will learn how to maximize discounts and take advantage of special offers like free insurance through Renault. Once you have a good rate, be diligent about maintaining it. Speeding infractions, accidents for which you are liable, and late payments are all ways that you may see a premium rate increase or lose your insurance. Check in with your insurer once a year to see if there are any new discounts that may be applied to your policy.

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