Find The Perfect Van Insurance Many businesses in the UK rely on van transport, and all of these vans require van insurance to keep them r...

Find The Perfect Van Insurance

Find The Perfect Van Insurance

Many businesses in the UK rely on van transport, and all of these vans require van insurance to keep them road worthy. There are many companies saying they offer the best van insurance out there so it can be hard to find the best offer, here we have brought you some of the best options on the market.

Many businesses in the UK rely on the services of a van to help with transport, supplies and delivery. All vans in the UK need insurance to make them roadworthy and to protect the vehicle and the driver for any accidents that might occur. There are many great van insurance providers in the UK and so it can be difficult to find the perfect insurance option for you. Here we have brought together some of the best insurance deals currently on the market to help you make an informed decision.

Direct Line is an extremely valuable insurer when it comes to all kinds of vehicles. They offer some of the most reliable insurance for vans including a current deal that offers customers 8 weeks worth of van insurance for absolutely free. Vans can be insured up to an unlimited value and a weight of 3.5 tonnes. They will even cover travel throughout the EU and a direct debit rate of 22.4%. It is simple and easy to retrieve a Direct Line quote online, simply head over to their website and fill in quotation request, or alternatively you could call one of their advisors to find out more.

The Post Office is another great institution that offers amazing deals when it comes to all kinds of Insurance. Post Office Van Insurance offers amazing protection and great value for money. They offer insurance of your vehicle up to £25,000 with a maximum weight of 3.5 tonnes; they even offer EU cover and a replacement vehicle for you in case yours has to be taken in to a garage. Physiotherapy is also offered for anyone who is injured whilst travelling in your van and you can benefit from an around the clock claims hotline and you can even add RAC breakdown cover and Motor legal protection at your discretion. It is simple and easy to apply for Post Office Van Insurance; you can apply online, on the phone and even in a local branch. The Post Office offers a range of great other services including credit cards and even a Post Office phone card.

Another great option for those looking for van insurance is with Churchill. They offer unlimited value insurance for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes in weight. They also offer EU cover as standard and a free replacement vehicle allowing you the freedom to continue with your work if your van gets taken in for repairs. You can eve get a direct debit rate of just 24.1%.

There is a range of great van insurance options out there, and each offers a slightly different tailor made protection plan and quote. It is easier than ever to apply for van insurance thanks to simple online applications, and you can even benefit from using price comparison websites to compare deals and quotes from one easy page. Many companies also offer customers special offers and discounts such as the first three months fro free and discounts for those paying annually so make sure you research how you could get the best deal.