The Canon Rebel T6 is an entry level DSLR  designed with photography in mind  it any good for filming video? Canon T6 Review | CheckOut...

Is The Canon T6 Any Good For Video? Canon T6 Review

The Canon Rebel T6 is an entry level DSLR designed with photography in mind it any good for filming video?

Canon T6 Review | CheckOut@ Amazon

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Is The Canon T6 Any Good For Video? Canon T6 Video Review


Welcome to Best Camera Reviews, I’m Jack, and I’m not going to drag you through the mud making you wait to find out.

So, the short answer is, no, It doesn’t really work for video.

Let’s start by going over this camera’s features and limitations.

As far as the body goes you have nice sturdy build, with a very ergonomic design.

The camera itself feels well built, and the buttons are somewhat intuitively placed.

I say somewhat because, while most of them make sense, there just isn’t anywhere near enough of them.

There are no customizable function buttons, and, with out a touch screen display changing settings takes way longer then it should.

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To shoot video you have to switch to video mode.

And, to change any settings in video mode you have to go to the menu and enable manual exposure for video.

Another thing I really wish cannon had added was a touch screen LCD, but canon need ways to make people by the Ti series cameras.

This brings me to the biggest reason the T6 isn’t ideal for video.

It doesn’t have mic jack.

Now I know cannon’s dslr’s don’t have that good of preamps anyway but external mics make your audio so much better.

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Is The Canon T6 Any Good For Video? Canon T6 Review

By Canon

I have a love hate relationship with Cannon’s 18-55mm kit lens, it has great internal stabilization,

so you shoot handheld a lot easier, but, it’s pretty soft and focusing with it is extremely difficult.

speaking of focus the T6’s auto focus is as expected not great, its loud and swims around a lot.

However, this doesn’t really concern me because I rarely use auto focus, and you really cant get good auto focus anyway without spending more than twice the T6’s original cost.

Rolling shutter is about what you’d expect, nothing horrendous, but defiantly not the best I’ve seen.

In terms of picture profiles your best option is neutral, its semi flat, and does preserve probably another half a stop of dynamic range.

Its probably good that’s its not to flat anyway however because the T6 shoots at a max of 28 megabytes a second, so there’s not that much you can do when grading the image before it breaks.

Even my GoPro has a higher bit rate; of about 70. However, 28 megabytes it normal for almost canon dslrs under 1,000 dollars so it isn’t a downside specifically to the T6.

And if you’re not grading it heavily it holds up quite well.

Before I talk anymore let’s take a look at some test footage I shot with this camera.

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So, as you can see the video quality is actually decently usable.

With enough patience when shooting and editing you can total pull usable video out of this camera, but there are some limitations.

Mainly its lack of any usable slow-motion, I mean come on cannon at least put 60 fps in hd.

If you want to shoot semi slow motion 60fps you have to go down to 720p which at least in my opinion looks really soft.

Low, light in this camera Is also pretty bad, it’s not the worst but its defiantly not clean or bright.

(Low Light) 
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Now, I know I’ve been mostly hitting on this camera.

But for the type of people this camera is geared towards, namely people who are just getting into photography and want their fist

DSLR, the T6 preforms excellently, it’s just not great for video.

But, there is one thing I really like about shooting on this camera, and that’s the lens flares.

This camera produces beautiful lens flares.

Canon just dropped the mic on that.

But, that’s all I’ve got for you guys today, I’m Silas Willoughby, this has been echo productions, and ill see you, next week.

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