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Auto Insurance for Exotic Cars

Possibly the most expensive to insure, of all cars, are those that fall into the "exotic car" category. Insurance for exotic cars can be extremely expensive, like the cars themselves, and can also be very difficult to get. Exotic cars are usually sports cars that surpass the price, and popularity of their average counterparts - well - as average as a sports car can get.

These cars are usually those like Ferraris, and Porsches, that have extra-ordinarily high market value due to both their mechanical capabilities (high speed and rate of acceleration etc.) and relative rarity, which brings certain "flair" to the driver of such a vehicle. The general rule of the thumb in auto insurance is, the higher the value of the car, the higher the risk to the insurance company and, consequently, the higher the premiums can go. Given this rule, you can imagine how exorbitant insurance costs for such exotic cars can be yet, like any other vehicle you intend to drive, insurance is mandatory. How, then, do you find good enough coverage, or even any coverage at all, when so few companies are willing to undertake the risk of insurance such a valuable asset.

Difficult as it might be to find a willing insurance company, even harder is getting a good deal on a policy. Those companies that insure exotic cars know that your options, and information, are likely limited, and can play hard ball to get much higher premiums than necessary. There are numerous factors that should be considered, and information obtained, before you go shopping around for exotic car insurance.

Firstly, you need to know why the insurance will be so expensive so you can know if you're being overcharged. Exotic cars are, as mentioned before, highly valuable and, therefore, represent the risk of a great financial loss to the company in the event of an accident, and the resulting claim. Stemming from this very point, exotic cars are often highly capable vehicles, in terms of speed, and carry, a statistically proven, higher risk of an accident. This is due in part to misuse of the vehicle's power by over-zealous drivers which brings us to the first factor that can help reduce your premiums.

Having a clean, or minimal, accident record will give the insurance company much greater confidence in your ability to safely handle a sports car, which will in turn let them see you as less of a risk. Additionally, the more experienced you are as a driver, the better a position you're in to get a lesser premium due to the further reduced risk associated with an experienced motorist. Finally, as with most types of auto insurance, this less you plan to drive your exotic car, the better. Perhaps you could use a second car for little things like trips to the grocery store and save the use of the exotic car to events etc. This would reduce your mileage and, consequently, your premiums.

Having an exotic car can be great but equally important, as the financial resources to buy one, is the need to be informed of the special category that such cars fall into and the best ways to save money on insurance. Hopefully, this article will help to do just that.

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