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Car Insurance Discount for Anti-Theft Devices

Most drivers with anti-theft devices purchase them simply because of the added peace of mind they provide. Having such devices on one's car is a good idea in itself. It reduces the chance of it being successfully stolen, to varying degrees depending on the device, and also serves as a deterrent to would-be thieves. What many drivers don't know, however, is that these devices, more often than not, also entitle them to a discount on their car insurance.

While only some states have clear laws mandating that discounts for such devices be offered, most successful companies make these offers voluntarily. The idea behind this is that insurance companies face less risk of having to pay out claims if the motorist is proactive in preventing events of that nature. The additional reason why these discounts are often enforced, by law, is that they help the jurisdiction by reducing the incidence of auto theft, and crime on a whole.

The most common anti-theft devices are alarms and immobilizers. Most people are familiar with car alarms, devices that emit a sound, disturbing noise (highly annoying at times), that gets the job done when it comes to attracting unwanted attention to an unscrupulous thief. Even if the owner is not in the general vicinity, the attention drawn will often cause the would-be thief to flee and, if not, cause witnesses to make swift contact with the police, or perhaps even run forward themselves to foil the thief.

Immobilizers are somewhat more complex, and correspondingly more effective, devices that can be used to shut off a vehicle, and make it unusable, often via remote control. This means that, even if the vehicle is stolen, the owner can disable it remotely which will, at least, make it relatively easy for the police to find the stolen car. Some immobilizers are also triggered by certain pre-determined mechanisms that are likely to be set off by a thief, similar to some alarms.

Less commonly, vehicle trackers are employed. Companies offering these services can locate the car via radio signal, using a device installed within the car for the purpose. While these devices cost more than others (taking into account monthly fees to the company), they are nearly 100 % effective, when used properly, in securing the return of stolen cars, making them a worthwhile investment.

The general rule is that the more high-tech the device is, the greater the discount offered by the insurance company. Companies also recommend using more than one device and a small number will compensate even further for this.

When buying, or renewing, an insurance plan, be sure to ask about the company's policies on anti-theft devices. If a company does not offer such a discount, select another company or inform them of their responsibility to make such an offer available, if such laws apply in your state.

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