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Auto Insurance Rates

Auto insurance rates vary from person to person and from state to state. There are many different factors that are added together to come up with your car insurance rates. We will review these different variables that insurance companies use to decide your rates. You will see that there are more factors than you thought in deciding car insurance rates.

One of the most well known factors in auto insurance rates is obviously your history. If you have a history of car accidents where you are at fault or many tickets, then your insurance rates will be higher. This is due to the risk of insuring someone with a history of auto accidents and tickets. Another thing that can make your auto insurance extremely high is a conviction for a DWI or DUI. The more you've had of any of these, the higher your rates are going to be.

The next factor that is taken into consideration is your age. For example, car insurance rates traditionally go down once you hit the age of 25. If you are younger than that, you can rest assured that your rates are going to be a lot more than your older counterparts. It is especially expensive to insure a teenager because they are considered high risk drivers due to the their lack of maturity and experience.

Your marital status also affects your rates. If you are married, you get a discount. This is a nice perk because you are insuring two people so the insurance company sees the benefit in having more customers. This is a huge reason why married people get a discount. Also, they consider it a sign of stability and maturity as well.

Another factor in car insurance rates is your credit rating. They consider someone with a higher credit rating a less risky person to insure. It is truly just like with anything else that credit is a factor. Buying a home, getting a car, and also getting car insurance. Your credit rating says a lot about your financial stability and this is a factor. If you can get your score higher, this will obviously make your car insurance rates cheaper.

Overall, there are many reasons for your car insurance to be expensive. From your age to your credit rating and your driving history, they all combine together. Even where you live can make a difference in your rates. City drivers generally pay more than country/rural drivers. Some things you can control (your credit rating, tickets) and others you cannot (age, marital status).

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